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Face sculpting and lifting massage - 60min $90

Reconstructive treatment for your face. We thoroughly work your decollete, neck, scalp, and face. We improve blood flow and drain the lymph from your face. Every muscle on your face is worked out to improve its normal tone, break up adhesions, and fibrous tissue. After the session, your face looks lifted and more defined.


2-in-1 Face Lifting Massage and Facial - 75min $129

This facial treatment takes your face care to the next level. During the 60 min session, we perform a customized facial and Face Sculpting and Lifting Massage. Enjoy your face being more defined and glowy after this treatment.

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Buccal Facial - 75min $135

Have you ever received a face massage from the inside of your mouth? WOW... If not, you are missing out! It is great for the most stubborn fine lines and wrinkles around lips and nasolabial folds. It reduces puffiness under the eye area and releases jaw tension. Working intraorally gives an opportunity to achieve deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ, decrease stress, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

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PREMIUM SCULPTIKO Treatment 2-in-1 Face Massage and Facial - 90min $149

Our Premium Treatment gives you a chance to experience Face Sculpting and Lifting Massage in its full potential! Advanced face massage techniques and customized skincare products will smooth out fine lines, improve face contour, and tone, reduce puffiness, and release tension.  After the treatment, your face looks more defined, and slimmer, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, the quality of the skin is improved, a healthy glow is back.


Acne extractions facial - 60min $85

Say goodbye to blackheads and pimples. We will clean your pores with the help of professional-grade skincare products and tools. Picked specifically to your skin type, serums and masks will detox and gently exfoliate your skin from the inside out. A gentle chemical peel is included in the treatment.


Advanced acne facial - 90min $120

Extended 90min facial for those who require more thorough extractions and additional acne treatment steps.


Chemical peels

Level 1 fruit complex peel $75

This peel is great for the mild type of acne, uneven skin texture, dryness, flaky skin.

Level 2 peel $85

Stronger formulation penetrates deeper into the skin creating more dramatic results. It smoothes out the skin, reduces the pore size, diminishes wrinkles. 

Level 3 medium depth peel $90

Deep peeling peels off more layers of the skin and is effective for severe skin problems such as deep wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation.