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Meet Daria Androshchuk

Hi, my name is Daria. For the last 10 years, I have been a health and wellness practitioner. Perfecting my craft all of those years, I became a firm advocate of a natural, holistic approach to beauty.

I was only 23 years old when I saw the first “changes” on my face. As a licensed esthetician, I had access to about any skincare product and facial treatment. I was implementing different tricks and techniques to get rid of those flaws that I saw.

Unfortunately, I have directed all the battle toward my skin. At that time I wasn’t educated enough to state that “poor skin’ is not guilty in the imperfections that I saw on it.

I started digging deeper and discovered a whole new world underneath the skin. Our muscles, fascia, ligaments, blood, lymph, and bones are tissues that play a huge role in all the imbalances and premature aging on the face. I have realized that I need more than superficial skincare treatments.

I became a certified practitioner of Face Sculpting and Lifting Massages as well as Buccal massage, Facial reflexology, Lymphatic drainage therapy, Gua-Sha massage, Face yoga method, Face fitness.

The new practices that I have learned transformed my face forever. At that time I’ve made a decision that I want to perfect my craft and offer my clients more than just a facial.

My true passion is to educate my clients and get to the root cause of skin aging and other damage that they experience on their faces.


At my Sculptiko Beauty spa in Westminster CO, I created skincare treatments that treat not only the skin but all the underlying structures. The main focus during my facial treatments is to work with deep layers of the tissue. Utilizing various techniques of deep massage and customizing my work to each client gives me an opportunity to provide a successful treatment to satisfy my client's needs.

During the facial treatment, my primary focus is YOU. That is why I customize each session to your specific face type, skin type, and concern. I consider every detail to make the professional skincare treatment the most effective and beneficial for you.

Whether you are struggling with acne, pigmentation, skin sagging, or loss of elasticity, I thoroughly analyze your skin and pick the best techniques and professional skincare products to achieve your desired results.


Why are we different?

We believe that you need more than just skincare. We go deeper into the root cause of “imperfections” that you see on your skin. Our goal is to stimulate your body’s natural potential for self-healing.

Our non-invasive methods do not require downtime or healing.

Advanced face massage techniques allow us to break down facial tightnesses, release stress, improve blood circulation, move lymph, rejuvenate, firm, and tighten your skin.

Why are we different

What is more than just a facial?

 Professional-grade skincare products picked to your skin type and concern are paired together with various face massage modalities, transform your skin, and shed years off your face.

During our FACE SCULPTING AND LIFTING MASSAGES, and Buccal/Intraoral massage treatments we thoroughly work on your scalp, neck, and décolletage areas. We work on superficial and deep layers of the tissue to stimulate the natural regenerative mechanisms of your body.

More than just a facial
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Let me introduce you my team member and a passionate Face Sculpting Massage specialist Taleia Casey.

Taleia is a graduate of Colorado School of Healing Arts with a background in healthcare. She has been in the wellness industry since 2018. Taleia has received an extensive training in Face Sculpting Massage, as well as, Buccal/Intraoral treatment taught by me. 

Taleia has a truly healing touch and she successfully provides face sculpting and lifting results for our clients. She is also trained in TMJ work. So if you are dealing with jaw pain, facial tension, wrinkles, and sagging, Taleia is a specialist for you.

What inspires Taleia?

Talia is inspired to provide results that are beauty enhancing and also healing and therapeutic. Throughout her Massage Journey, beauty and wellness were presented as separate, yet she wants to provide services that meet both of these fields at the same time.

Meet my team member

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