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Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage course (includes in person 2 day seminar)

Are you a licensed Esthetician?

Are you not happy with the results that you are getting from the procedures or products that promise to make your clients look younger?

Are you looking for a deep and comprehensive approach to prevent and correct signs of aging?


If the answer is yes, then Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage is the program for you!


Are you a licensed Massage Therapist?

Do your clients experience severe tension in the jaw, forehead, tension headaches? 

Would you like to make your massage session more effective, deep, and memorable?

If your answer is yes then Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage is for you.


Why should you consider the SCULPTIKO FACE SCULPTING MASSAGE?

I am Daria, educator, Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Massage Therapist.


I have passionately been a bodyworker for more than 9 years including being a face specialist for the last 5. Throughout this time I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours in the treatment room with my clients and have participated in dozens of educational courses, seminars and workshops that gave me a lot of experience and expanded my knowledge about face massage.


Throughout this journey I have experimented with different ways of working with face and developed my own set of  techniques. I broke down and analyzed techniques that gave significant results to my clients. Based on this work I developed my own style and the program that is quite deep, yet very succinct. 


Here are a few “before and after” pictures of my work where I apply techniques that I will teach you in this course: 

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Student's reviews

Caytlyn Dee, Pelvic floor specialist


The Sculptiko training consists of two parts:

Theoretical ( you study anatomy from videos and written material provided to you online on the platform). Also, you get access to the full Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage sequence with the step by step explanation of each technique. Access to the online materials is available for 90 days from the date of purchase.

In person, hands-on part that consists of a 2 days training where we meet in person and you learn the Sculptiko method as well as Buccal/Intraoral massage.


What will you learn with me?

In the online part of the training you'll learn:

- detailed facial anatomy

- understanding of most common facial flaws

- self-massage techniques (you will be practicing techniques on yourself before applying them on your clients)

- full sequence of Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage as well as Buccal massage performed on the client

During the 2 day in person training you'll learn:

- most effective face Sculpting Massage techniques

- Sculptiko Face Sculpting Massage sequence as well as Buccal/Intraoral massage

- a perfect structure on what is takes to perform a successful Face Sculpting Massage

- how to provide real results for your clients

- how to work on different face types for the best results

Price for the online course and group in person 2 day training is $1799.

If you would like to sign up for the upcoming training, please send us an email at

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Individual, VIP training

Individual, VIP 2 day in person training is also available, during which all attention is on you! You are the only student in the class. I invite different models and you get to practice on them as well as on me, and I'll show techniques on you so you can feel everything on your own face. You also get access to the online materials. The price is $2999. Dates are very flexible! If you are interested in doing individual masterclass we can discuss dates that would work perfectly for you!

Please reach out at and mention Individual, VIP masterclass.



For Estheticians! Please note that in the state of Colorado intraoral massage is not within the Esthetician's scope of practice. Please check with your state regulations about intraoral massage and face massage in general to make sure you can legally practice it as an Esthetician. 

For massage therapists! Intraoral massage and face massage are within massage therapy scope of practice. If you are outside of state, please check with your state's regulations whether intraoral massage and face massage are within your scope.

Please read carefully!!!

The fee paid for the training is NONREFUNDABLE. If for any reasons you are not able to attend the in person training, you can register for the next available date. However, you have to pay the fee equal to the amount of the half price of the total cost of the course!

To be able to participate in the Sculptiko educational course you must be a licensed professional and carry UpToDate professional liability insurance.

Also, due to the nature of the techniques, students must have short nails and no facial fillers (with the exception of lip fillers). 


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