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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

You enjoy receiving body massage. It feels so good and the benefits are endless. You take care of your body muscles constantly. You lift weights, run, do yoga. After all those activities a good stretching session or a deep tissue massage at the massage spa sounds like a great idea.


However, have you ever thought about taking care of your face muscles? Have you ever thought about the amount of work you face muscles perform every second of your life?

Some of you might:)

However, we tend to take care of our faces only after we start getting wrinkles or develop acne. Unfortunately, the face is not included in the package of the fitness and wellness world. At least not to the extent it should be. Massage spas typically offer body massages. They either skip the face or pat it lightly at the end to add some relaxation to the overall experience. We go to massage spas to achieve deep relaxation in our bodies. We think that we carry most of our stress there and if we take care of our bodies, the face will relax on its own, however, in the majority of cases that doesn’t happen.

It is absolutely crucial to perform deep, detailed work on your face. And what I mean by that is taking care of your face on a deeper level. At the traditional skincare spa you get skincare services that take care only about the outermost layer of the complex structure. They work not only with the skin. However, to get true anti-age, rejuvenating, and restoring results on your face, the work should be done on all the underlying structures that our skin is dependent on: muscles, fat packs, ligaments, fascia and even bones.

Let me clarify!

Every second of our life, even during sleep, we make facial expressions. Either we talk, laugh, eat, express anger, or hold up grief. We use our face muscles. They have different structures than our body muscles. They typically originate at the bone and insert either at the skin or at another muscle. When making facial expressions our muscles pull on the skin. This unique anatomical structure let us show all our emotions on our faces.

If you think about your daily life, you will understand that your face is under constant stress.


Because not only we show our reactions, responses, attitude, and desires on our faces, but also all the trapped emotions that we carry throughout our lives. Everything is getting ingrained on our faces. Muscle overwork and lack of relaxation lead to chronic face muscle spasms. As a result, we start to develop wrinkles, sagging, loss of facial definition, and tone prematurely. We run to buy serums and creams to help our skin. But in most cases that don’t give us the desired results.

The solution is to relax facial muscles. Let your muscles gain their normal tone by improving blood flow, release stagnation, adhesions, and release fascial restrictions. Face massage’s goal is to work on every muscle on your face. Releasing the tension, improving blood flow, and giving your skin its internal nourishment.

At Sculptiko Beauty we take your skincare treatment to the next level. We apply advanced massage modalities as well as face Sculpting and Lifting massage techniques. Our main goal is to get to the root cause of facial tightness as well as premature wrinkles formation, uneven skin tone, and texture, loss of volume, and skin sagginess. We thoroughly work your decollete, neck, scalp, and face muscles. Our facial and massage treatment combo allows us to achieve the best results. We call ourselves MORE THAN A TRADITIONAL SKINCARE SPA. We are a massage and facial spa that offers skincare services that work.

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