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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Everyone dreams about healthy and young skin. Men and women have always been trying to prolong the youthful and fresh look of their skin using different tools like facial machines, rollers, makeup, skincare products, massage, etc. However, the efficacy of many of those remains questionable.

The beauty industry made a huge step ahead over the last few decades. It offers a much more comprehensive array of rejuvenating treatments like injections and surgery. Nevertheless, those techniques are not always safe. Invasive cosmetic procedures give you instant results. However, it very often leads to serious side effects.

Nowadays, a fantastic alternative method to invasive cosmetic procedures is Face Sculpting and Lifting Massages.

What are Face Sculpting and Lifting massages?

It Includes deep work with facial muscles as well as decollete, neck, and scalp muscles.

The purpose of this face massage is not only correction but also prevention. During the treatment, the professional detects muscle spasms and tightnesses and releases them. As a result, weak muscles gain their normal tone and strength again. Face Sculpting and Lifting massages restore normal blood and lymph flow. Consequently, it restructures your skin from the inside out, creates a lifting effect, makes your skin plump and firm.

Why are Face Sculpting and Lifting massages so powerful?

The main reason is that it allows working on deep levels of tissue. We work with your muscles, ligaments, fascia, and even bones. During the facial treatment, we incorporate myofascial release, trigger points therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, as well as specific superficial and deep work with the epidermis.

How do we achieve the lifting effect from face massage?

1. We open up ways for lymphatic flow. It allows us to drain stagnant lymph and reduce puffiness.

2. We restore blood flow, as a result, give your skin and muscles their internal nourishment.

3. Massage movements release stress and spasms and kick start your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

How can you benefit from face massage?

It is pretty easy to maintain glowing skin when you are young. Healthy eating habits, adequate hydration, enough rest, physical activity, and you look fresh and radiant. That’s easy for everyone who takes care of their bodies.

However, as we age, those methods are not enough to keep our faces young.

Face Sculpting and Lifting massages help to improve, prevent and get rid of many esthetic issues:

1. Improve face definition.

2. Smooth out deep and superficial wrinkles.

3. Deep work with face and decollete improves skin quality in those areas.

4. Loose skin gets its firmness and lifts.

5. Reduce facial puffiness and swelling under the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds.

6. The skin quality improves. It looks glowing, fresh, and rested.

How often should you receive deep face massage?

Stress, hormones, and daily habits have a compounding, detrimental effect on our skin and start to appear by the age of 30. That’s the time when we already have a lot of changes in the deep layers of tissues.

That’s why we recommend starting receiving deep face massage as a preventative measure at 25 years old, once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Individuals who are above 30 should come in series of 8-10 sessions twice a year. Then it is recommended to receive maintenance treatments once a month.

The number and frequency of treatments depend on the individual. Only licensed professionals create a treatment plan after a thorough consultation and assessment.

Who is not a candidate for Face Sculpting and Lifting Massages?

Despite being a safe facial treatment, there is a list of conditions that don’t allow deep tissue manipulations. If you experience the conditions listed below, face massage is contraindicated for you.

  1. Inflammation on the face

  2. Acute acne

  3. Cancer

  4. Herpes

  5. Circulatory system diseases

  6. Thyroid issues.

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