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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

As an esthetician, I get asked this question very often.

We all want to have glowing and healthy skin on our faces. We rush to get the best serums and moisturizers to nourish and hydrate our skin and achieve that flawless glow.

However, quite often, we hit Plato. I mean that our skincare products work to a certain point but ultimately do not give us the desired results.

There is a simple explanation for it.

The best nourishment needed for our skin’s health and glow we get not from the outside sources but rather from the inside!

We all know that we have to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and exercise to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. That is the truth that nobody can doubt.

But why? Why can’t we just take a magic pill and have a perfectly fit body and vital health?

The simple answer is because our bodies do not operate like that. Everything inside of it has a cause-effect relationship.

Have you noticed how red your face gets during your workout? The blood rushes everywhere in your body, supplying all the organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Afterward, you feel energized, awake, and alive. Your face is glowing, and you radiate happiness.

Have you noticed that after a yoga class or a stretching session, or foam rolling, your body feels lighter, your range of motion increases, you sleep better, and you experience less stress?

The simple answer to this is that when there are no muscular and fascial restrictions and lymph stagnation, your muscles, joints, and bones get their nutrients with the blood. That ensures free movement, higher endurance, a good-looking body, and effective recovery during sleep.

The same things are needed for our faces to look young and radiant.

The blood is the primary transporter of nutrients for our skin. Dull-looking skin, dry skin, even acne is an indication of distortion on a deeper level.

If muscle spasms and tightnesses restrict the blood flow, we can not expect our faces to glow. Moreover, it is exhausting, in my opinion, to expect that solely the application of skincare products will make our skin healthy.

So, what to do?

1. You have to understand that we can not achieve healthy and young-looking skin on the face without working on our neck. All the blood supply for our faces goes through the neck.

Moreover, lymph from the face drains down through the neck and into the lymphatic ducts.

Spasmed neck muscles and compromised neck and head posture restrict blood flow and lymph drainage of the face.

2. “We can read a person by their facial expressions.” That is so true!

We show our feeling and emotions with the help of facial expressions. Moreover, our faces can also store negative emotions. I am sure you can tell if the person has a lot of sadness or grief just by looking at their face.

All of the facial movements happen during muscle contraction—the same as in the larger body parts.

We are used to stretching our bodies, or get a massage after an intense workout because we all know that it feels great, speeds up recovery, and prevents injury.

However, why do we not do anything to relax our face and neck after a long day?

I do not want to say that you should not smile in fear of getting smile lines or show a surprise by raising your eyebrows.

The main thing is to restore your facial muscles normal tone to improve blood circulation, open passages for lymph drainage, and prevent wrinkles formation.

Most stress and overload take:

Masseter (chewing muscle). When we are angry, we clench the jaw. It also works a lot while chewing the food.

Temporal muscle. It inserts at the mandible ( lower jaw) and tenses up similarly to the chewing muscle.

Occipitofrontalis muscle. Its frontal part gets contracted when we raise our eyebrows. Usually, when we are surprised, interested, or angry. Tension in its frontal region radiates back to the occipital part and creates tension in the neck.

Corrugator. It plays a role in the formation of 11 lines on the forehead. When we are angry or sad or frown on the sun, these muscle contracts create wrinkles between our eyebrows.

Lip muscle (orbicularis oris). Similar to our eyes when we squint on the sun, lip muscle tightens when it contracts, narrowing and compressing the lips. Pursed lips appear in suppressed anger, sadness, and nervousness.

Below are short self-massage videos to release muscle tension and restore natural nourishment for your skin. As a result, get healthy glowing skin!

Lets begin with pumping lymph nodes and neck massage.

Moving on to the face. Self-massage techniques to release the tightest areas on the face.

Perform face massage without any cream or lotion. That way, you will be able to penetrate deep into the muscle and will have a better grip. If you skin is very dry I recommend using a little bit of water.

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