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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Are you 15 years old, 25, 30, or 55 years old? People of all ages, ethnicities, genders, skin colors deal with some acne types in their lives.

Most people mistakenly think that acne is a skin problem. They rush to buy face washes and creams, hoping to dry the pimple out and solve the acne problem. However, a lesion that you see on your face is an end product, a consequence of the body’s processes.

In this article, I want to talk about the type of acne caused by digestive system disorders. Specifically, food allergy and intolerance that stimulate your digestive system immune response causing inflammation in the body.

Poor digestion and acne connection.

The skin and digestive system have a lot of similarities. They both are barriers. Skin to the outside world and the digestive system is a barrier to the food that we ingest in our bodies. Therefore, they both have a large concentration of defensive cells. In other words, they both carry a lot of immune cells.

If there is a disturbance in your digestive system, and something is not getting processed there, your whole body’s immune response gets activated. As a result, you experience flare-ups of acne or persistent inflammation on your skin. Acne is a defensive response of your body to the trigger.

Immune and inflammatory responses cause acne. It is a defensive mechanism of your body.

On the face mapping, the acne caused by the digestive tract disorders appears on the cheeks.

Most common food allergies and intolerance:

1. Eggs

2. Dairy

3. Legumes ( peanuts, wheat, corn, etc.)

4. Beans ( peas, soybeans, pinto beans, etc.)

5. Sugar

An interesting factor with the food allergens and triggers is that you may have a particular food that your body specifically can’t process.

For some people tomatoes are very irritating and problematic. Many people react negatively to highly processed foods such as chips, soda, conventional pastries, bread, microwave meals, cereal etc.


All of these symptoms are an indication that you have a problem digesting certain food. Avoid those foods that I’ve mentioned earlier all together. Make simple meals with fewer ingredients.

In such way it will be easier for you to find out what type of food may cause a problem for you. Keep in mind that it is essential to pay attention to what you eat and how you process it. Notice things like gas, constipation, heartburn, etc. If any of these symptoms are present, keep in mind that it is not normal, and you should avoid the food that upsets your gut.

Another great way to help your digestive system heal and repair faster is by supplementing digestive enzymes, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, consuming more fiber, eating fermented food like sauerkraut, kefir, organic yogurts.

To sum up!

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects us from the outside world. Therefore, it has many immune cells that begin to act in case of a trigger or stimulus. Acne is a signal of an immune and inflammatory response of your body.

The digestive system has a lot of similarities with our skin. It is vital to keep your gut healthy and inflammation-free. Your acne will improve dramatically as soon as you heal and normalize your digestive system function.

Remember that only a holistic approach to treating acne will bring you the desired sustainable results!

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