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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Acne is a skin condition that affects people’s self-esteem and confidence. A lot of individuals experience discomfort and even pain because of acne. There are various causes of acne: puberty, hormonal fluctuations, use of medication, stress, parasites, candida, food allergies, etc. On top of that acne can be triggered by the usage of the wrong skincare products. Regardless of the cause, acne should be treated both internally and externally!

Professional skincare treatments and facials are important in helping your skin heal faster, stop the spread of bacteria, and avoid the formation of post-acne scars and pigmentation.

There are many approaches and treatments for acne skin. However, I would like to emphasize the most effective facials for acne!

Top facials for acne skin:

1. Deep cleanse facial with extractions. This treatment includes a combination of manual and ultrasonic extractions. Unfortunately, extractions cause discomfort and even pain to clients. However, that is the only way to deeply cleanse your pores and to take out all the gunk that sits inside the pore and causes inflammation.

2. High-frequency acne treatment. High frequency is a device that has an electrode on the end. This electrode produces argon gas and emits a small electrical current. When applied to the skin it generates oxygen, calms down inflammation and irritation on the skin, and kills bacteria. Moreover, an electric current stimulates blood flow which speeds up skin healing.

3. Chemical Peels for acne and post-acne skin. Treatment with a help of acids calms down inflammation in a relatively short period of time. Chemical peels work both on the epidermis and the dermis depending on the type of the peel. There are glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, citrus chemical peels. As well as salicylic, TCA, retinoic, phenolic etc. A chemical peel removes a controlled amount of skin cells from the epidermis. As a result, it kicks start a self-healing mechanism of the skin. A stronger peel may also remove a small part of the dermis. As a result, the surface of the skin becomes smoother and softer. Acne scars fade away, collagen production speeds up and you experience brighter healthier-looking skin.

These facials for acne work best synergistically. Only a licensed esthetician decides which facial treatment or a combination of all of the above would work best for your skin condition.

If you are dealing with any form of acne it is highly recommended that you seek professional consultation and evaluation of your condition.

Professional acne treatments as well as the right home care products will give the best results in treating acne skin.

At Sculptiko Beauty Spa in Boulder we offer all of the above facials for acne. We thoroughly analyze your skin and pick the best facial treatments and home care for you to achieve the best results.

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