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Sculptiko beauty is more than a traditional skincare spa. We help our clients with premature aging as well as wrinkles, looking tired, uneven skin tone and coloration, muscle tightness, skin sagging, and more. Based on our extensive training in human physiology, we believe that our skin needs more than superficial care. We provide Face Sculpting and Lifting Massage Techniques that are based on deep facial massage.

Have you always wanted to take your face care to the next level?


You have tried many beauty products and promising skincare procedures for your skin to look young and radiant.


However, there has always been a missing piece. Eye bags are not going anywhere and wrinkles around your mouth are so stubborn that no moisturizer or exfoliating mask can beat them. The skin around the jawline could be tighter and you just don't understand why you have started having those “sad lines” that go down the corners of your mouth.


You are not ready for invasive injections or surgery and want to find another way for achieving your beauty goals.

You are familiar with the feeling of being frustrated by not receiving the results you want.

You find yourself ready to give up on all beauty treatments and procedures.

  • You are tired of spending money on questionable things that don't give the results you want.

  • You want to know more about the health of your skin.

  • You are ready to get to the root cause of premature aging that is causing a tired look on your face.


You feel like finding a natural, non-invasive way for your face to look good is something that really resonates with you.


​The truth is that our skin gets wrinkly, dry, pigmented, loose elasticity, and tone because the underlying tissues are compromised. Think of it as a plant. If the roots are not healthy, you cannot expect the flower to bloom.

At Sculptiko Beauty spa in Boulder, we customize our sessions based on your complexion, age, and beauty goals. During our facial treatments, we focus on the deep massage of the face, head, neck, and decollete areas. We work with both deep and superficial layers of the tissue in order to:

  •  release muscle tightness

  •  move lymph and reduce puffiness

  •  restore blood supply and circulation

  •  knead off knots and hardened fibrous tissue

We offer more than a regular facial!


Face massage paired together with professional skincare products picked explicitly to your skin type and concern transform your face. 

During the facial treatments, we incorporate buccal (intraoral) massage, kneading, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage massage. 


After the first session, you will see your face look rested. Your skin quality will improve. Expect to see your skin plump and radiant. 

For optimal results, multiple sessions are needed. 

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Address: 3280 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301

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