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More than just skincare

Sculptiko beauty is more than a traditional skincare spa.


Why are we different?

We believe that you need more than just skincare. We go deeper into the root cause of “imperfections” that you see on your skin. Our goal is to stimulate your body’s natural potential for self-healing.


What is more than just a facial?

Professional-grade skincare products picked to your skin type and concern are paired together with various face massage modalities, transform your skin, and shed years off your face.

Meet Daria Androshchuk

Hi, my name is Daria. For the last 7 years, I have been a health and wellness practitioner. Perfecting my craft all of those years, I became a firm advocate of a natural, holistic approach to beauty.

I was only 23 years old when I saw the first “changes” on my face. As a licensed esthetician, I had access to about any skincare product and facial treatment. I was implementing different tricks and techniques to get rid of those flaws that I saw.

Unfortunately, I have directed all the battle toward my skin. At that time I wasn’t educated enough to state that “poor skin’ is not guilty in the imperfections that I saw on it.


What we do

Face sculpting and lifting massage 60min

Reconstructive treatment for your face. We thoroughly work your decollete, neck, scalp, and face. We improve blood flow and drain the lymph from your face. Every muscle on your face is worked out to improve its normal tone, break up adhesions, and fibrous tissue. After the session, your face looks lifted and more defined.

2-in-1 Face Lifting Massage and Facial 75min

This facial treatment takes your face care to the next level. During the 60 min session, we perform a customized facial and Face Sculpting and Lifting Massage. Enjoy your face being more defined and glowy after this treatment.

Buccal Facial 75min

Have you ever received a face massage from the inside of your mouth? WOW... If not, you are missing out! It is great for the most stubborn fine lines and wrinkles around lips and nasolabial folds. It reduces puffiness under the eye area and releases jaw tension. Working intraorally gives an opportunity to achieve deep relaxation of the facial muscles and TMJ, decrease stress, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Advanced acne facial 90min

Extended 90min facial for those who require more thorough extractions and additional acne treatment steps.

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