On a wedding day or an anniversary, a birthday, or a graduation party, we all want our skin to be flawless and radiate a healthy glow.

However, when it comes to taking care of our skin, there is a lot of mess and confusion. Many different facials and spa procedures promise you that flawless glow and smoothness of the skin.

Celebrity facial, red carpet facial, oxygen facial, hydrating facial, chemical peel, you name it. With so many choices comes confusion.

But what does our skin REALLY need?

First, let’s understand what it takes for our skin to be healthy.

1. Free flow of fluids. You might ask, what does it have to do with the skin?

When it comes to skin health, lymphatic flow and blood flow are crucial in maintaining our skin young and radiant.

2. Hydration. The skin has to have sufficient water content to stay soft, supple, and free from inflammation.

3. Just like our internal bodies, our skin requires nutrients to maintain resilience to environmental stressors.

When we see a flaw on our skin, we blame it for not functioning correctly, for being dull and uneven. However, the skin is the outermost layer that covers a complex structure that lies beneath it. All the skin’s imperfections are caused by the distortions in the tissues that lie beneath it.

Muscles, ligaments, fascia, bones, blood, and lymph are tissues that play a huge role in premature skin aging, wrinkles formation, skin sagging, loss of firmness, and elasticity. All of these structures function synergistically and depend on each other.

Our faces’ beauty depends a lot on two significant areas, the decollete and the neck.

Everything in our bodies has a cause-effect relationship. The blood, essential nutrient transporter for our skin, goes through the neck to our faces. The lymph flows from the face through the neck and chest and into the main lymphatic duct (thoracic duct). If the chest and neck muscles are tight, our faces do not receive an adequate blood supply and retain lymph that can not easily drain.

Our facial muscles’ unique anatomical feature allows us to show all our emotions on our faces. We can communicate with each other without even saying a word. We can quickly tell if the person is sad, happy, or frustrated without asking them.

The muscles on the face are different than the body muscles. The majority of them start at the bone and insert on the skin on another muscle. When we smile, for example, the muscles pull the skin to the sides, our lips stretch, and we see a happy face.

Think about how many emotions we experience daily, how many times we smile, laugh, express anger, wonder, etc.? Daily stress and a sedentary lifestyle, hunching over the computer make a face and neck muscle remain tight.

Daily muscle overuse and lack of relaxation cause tightnesses and adhesions on our faces. As a result of facial muscles tightness, lymph does not flow freely and gets collected in the most common places like the undereye area, nasolabial region, and forehead. It also disrupts blood flow.

The most important source of nourishment for our skin is the blood. Nutrients and oxygen in the blood pass from the capillaries into the cells. Therefore, the skin gets its nutrients and water supply. That’s why it is crucial to restoring microcirculation so our skin gets an adequate supply of water and stays hydrated and glowing.

What to do to make your face look smooth, healthy, and glowing?

A facial that includes face sculpting and lifting massage. During the treatment, your decollete, neck, face, and scalp get worked out diligently. That helps to release muscle tightnesses and open the passageways for lymph and blood flow.

Deep face massage that includes buccal massage (intraoral massage) breaks down adhesions and allows to get deep to the muscles and release the areas of tension. As a result, your face looks rested, and you acquire a healthy natural glow.

Face lifting massage kicks start your bodys’ natural self-healing mechanisms. Restored muscle tone does not prevent lymphatic drainage from the face; thus, you get rid of puffiness.

Blood circulation improves, and your skin gets its internal nourishment. As a result, you see your skin being more hydrated and supple.

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